Keyboard Shortcuts

The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts common to all or most DM Genie windows. Specific windows may have additional shortcuts.

For all windows, pressing Alt+any underlined character visible will select that item or press that button. This can be on a menu (like File), on a button or on a label.

-          F2: Main Window

-          F3: Campaign Manager

-          F5: New Creature Screen

-          F6: Group Manager

-          F7: Race Editor

-          F8: Condition Setter

-          F9: Roll Window

-          F11: Timekeeping Window

-          F12: Dice Roller

-          Shift+F4: Standard Weapons Editor

-          Shift+F5: Items Editor

-          Shift+F8: Conditions Editor

-          Shift+F11: Weather Generator

-          Shift+F12: Appraisals Window

-          F1: Opens the help appropriate for the selected window or control.

-          Ctrl+F1: DM Genie Help Contents

-          Ctrl+S: Searching for Text (Main Window) or Searching Adventures for Text

In addition, some keyboard shortcuts are universal to Windows and can help in using DM Genie:

-          Alt+F4: Close the current window.

-          Alt+Tab: Switch between windows.

-          Windows Key+M: Minimize all windows.

-          Alt+Space: Open the window's menu (like when clicking the top left corner of the window)

Documentation for DM Genie and Player Genie, page Keyboard_Shortcuts. Copyright © Mad Scientist Studios, 2006.
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