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First, a bit of the terminology used in DM Genie: in 3rd edition rules, a race is basically a typical creature – a template from which each creature is made. You can create a PC or a monster from basically any race. For example, 'Goblins' is a general type of monster - thus 'Goblin' is a race. But if you create one goblin and call him 'Zorg', then that is a creature. Try to keep the difference in mind while you read the manual and use the program. We decided to use this terminology instead of “monsters” vs “character” because the line is blurred – is a friendly Kobold a monster or a character? If you allow a PC to play an orc character, should you call it a monster? But they are both creatures, one whose race is Kobold, the other Yuan-Ti.

See the New Creature Screen for more information on making creatures. The Race Editor allows you to edit or create your own races.

Click on one of the following items for more info:

Basic Race Info

Race Attacks Frame

Skills and Misc. Information

Race Description

PC Races

Automatic Race Creation

Note about missing monsters: Some monsters (beholder, gauth, carrion crawler, tanar'ri, baatezu, displacer beast, githyanki, githzerai, mind flayer, illithid, umber hulk, yuan-ti) are not included in the DM Genie release because they have not been released by Wizards of the Coast as Open Game Content. Thus, they cannot be legally redistributed. You can however enter these monsters' data in the Race Editor for your personal use. Thank you.

If you've created a campaign in versions 1.16 or earlier: Starting from version 1.17, races are no longer shared between the Core Rules and custom campaigns. When you start your custom campaign, you will find that you are missing most or all of the races - from the Race Editor use the "Race->Copy Core Races into Campaign" menu, and you will once again have a copy of the core races in your custom campaign. This change was made to eliminate the doubled races bug.

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