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(Feature not available in Player Genie)

The roll window is useful for making many rolls of the same kind for multiple creatures. For example, you can roll a Reflex save for all the monsters that were hit by a Potion of Fire Breathing, or you could make a secret spot check for all the PCs, to find out if they see the goblins hiding in the bushes.

Choosing a Type of Roll

From the main window, select the type of roll to make in the list box under the creature list. You can choose to roll initiative, saving throws or skill rolls. Click “Make Roll” to put all the creatures in the current group into the Roll Window. Another way to choose the roll to make is to use the list box at the top of the Roll Window.

Making Rolls

When the window is first opened, and when the type of roll is changed, a roll is already made for each creature. You can click “Reroll” to roll again.

For Initiative rolls, clicking “Apply Initiative” will set the initiative for all creatures visible in the list.

Roll Success/Failure

You can enter a DC for the roll in the text box marked “DC”. The success or failure of each creature versus this DC is marked in the “Success” column. Successful creatures are in green, whereas unsuccessful creatures are in red (these colors can be changed in the Options Dialog ).

Note that if a creature is untrained in a skill that requires training, its skill bonus is reported as –99.

Manual Entry

You can enter the players or the monster's rolls manually (Click the “Manually” button). You can enter either just the d20 roll, or the total amount rolled. Click next or press Enter to go to the next creature. Don't enter anything if you do not wish to change the value. You will only be prompted to enter the creatures that are visible in the list. If you wish to keep the computer-rolled values for the monsters, uncheck 'Enemies' at right.

Effects of the Rolls

You can apply damage automatically. First, enter an amount of damage in the textbox. You can also click the dice icon to open the Dice Roller and roll the damage. Then, select the creatures that were hit by the effect causing the damage. Then click one of the “Apply damages” buttons. You can apply full damage or half damage to all creatures; or apply full damage to those who failed the throw, and half damage to those who succeeded; or none to those who succeeded.

Clicking “Done” closes the Roll Window without applying any more damage.

Reporting Rolls

Check the Report in combat log checkbox to have a report of what was rolled added at the end of the combat log. If the Shorten box is checked, a summary giving who succeeded and who failed at the roll is given. If Shorten is unchecked, the result and success/failure for each creature is displayed.

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