Campaign Manager

(Feature not available in Player Genie)

A campaign is like an entire world – continents and towns, rulers, monsters and townsfolk, intrigue and adventure. For DM Genie, a campaign is a set of rules, custom items and adventures. Each campaign you create is independent from any other, and so it is useful to create a campaign for each gaming world you use. If you are the DM for two games set in the same world, it can be useful to separate them into two campaigns as well.

The campaign manager is where you can create a set of adventures and use them during play (see Writing Adventures ). This is also where you can create new campaigns (see Creating a Campaign ).

To navigate between adventures you can click on the tree at left or use Adventure Hyperlinks . The “Back” and “Forward” buttons work just like in Internet Explorer. Alt+Left Arrow and Alt+Right Arrow also work the same way.

You can also skip to one of the adventure tabs:

Adventure Description

Adventure Items

Adventure Creatures

Random Encounters

Adventure Map

Adventure Campaign Notes

You can use the Searching Adventures for Text function (in the Adventure menu and the button above the adventure tree) to find specific text in your adventures' descriptions, notes, creatures, random encounters and/or items.

To output your adventures to a RTF file, see Printing an Adventure .

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