Searching Adventures for Text

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The Search Text window is useful in locating a specific piece of information from a large campaign with numerous adventures. Enter the text to search for in the “Find What” text box. Check the “Case Sensitive” box if you want to return only results where the case is identical. The “Search In...” checkboxes allow you to limit your search to specific elements. Click “Find Next” and DM Genie will highlight the next place the text is found. Whenever you change the text in “Find What”, the search will restart from the beginning.

Adventures to Search

The adventure you selected when you opened the Search Text window is the first adventure that will be searched. What other adventures will be searched depends on your selection in the list box:

-          This adventure: Only the selected adventure (it's name is written beneath the list box).

-          All below...: The selected adventure and all child adventures below it in the adventure tree. The search begins with all the first children, then the children of children, etc.

-          Entire Campaign: Every adventure in the campaign is searched.

Searching the Adventures

DM Genie will search the full text of each adventure, the campaign notes, and the description of each item.

Searching Creatures

You may search for a creature's name, for some text in a creature's description or for both. If the text is found in a description, (which is not visible from the Campaign Manager), DM Genie will warn you. Double-click the creature to open it in the main window, where you can read the description.

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