Condition Setter

The condition setter allows you to set any condition in DM Genie for a single creature or for several at once. It also allows you to set the round and initiative of the expiration of each condition. The conditions frame in the main window can also be used to set conditions but only the most common ones. Click here to learn more About Conditions . To change the effect of a condition, use the Conditions Editor .

The List of Creatures

Select one or several creatures here. All settings for conditions you make will apply to all the select creatures.

Currently Active Conditions

This shows all the conditions that are active for the selected creatures. Click on a condition to select it and to view its expiration. Double-click on a condition to remove it. If you see “(3 of 4)” after the name of the condition, this means that not all the creatures selected have the condition (in this case, 3 of the 4 selected creatures do).

List of Conditions

This holds all the conditions in DM Genie. You can select whether or not to display conditions that are for spells, powers, items or locked only by checking or unchecking the boxes above. When you use the 'Cast Spell' or 'Use Power' button, only the conditions that apply for that spell or power are displayed. Often there is only one condition, but spells that increase in power with higher caster level (like Barkskin) or have different version (like Emotion) have several. A line of text below the checkboxes serves as a reminder of what is the source for the conditions in the list. Double-click on a condition to set it (if no creature has the condition) or remove it, for all creatures selected.

Creatures currently have this condition

If this checkbox is gray, then some of the creatures have the condition and some don't. Check this box to set the condition for all selected creatures. Clear it to remove the condition.

Setting Expiration

You can either set the number of rounds until expiration (in which case the initiative of expiration is the current initiative), or the round number and initiative directly. For longer times you can use the format '2h30m4', where 2 is the number of hours, 30 is the number of minutes and 4 is the number of rounds (10 rounds per minute). This format only works for the text box right next to the 'Set Expiration' button.

Press the 'Set Expiration' button to apply. The maximum expiration time is 32000 rounds, or about 53 hours. For longer times, you can use the Reminders in the Timekeeping Window .

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