Appraisals Window

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The Appraisals Window is designed to save time when your PCs go to the market to sell their newfound treasures. You can add items to the list from the Items Frame in the main window, or from the Adventure Items , as well as from within this window.

Items' Appraise Check DCs

This allows you to set a default DC when rolling an Appraise skill check for items depending on their type (magical, psionic or mundane). Note that when rolling to evaluate the value of a particular item, it is assumed to be “Exotic” if its DC is 15 or more – this means that it will be more difficult to appraise. Click the “Set” button to set the DC for all items.

Seller and Buyer's Bonuses

Set the bonus for the “Appraise” skill for the seller and the buyer. Check the trained box if the character has ranks in the skill.

Adding Items

There are two lists:

Type of items: Select the type of items to display in the list underneath.

List of items to add: Displays all the items of the specified type.

Add button: Adds the selected item to the list of items to appraise.

List of Items

For each item, the name, weight, value, DC to appraise, as well as who found the item is indicated. Click on a cell to edit the value.

When you click “Roll Appraise Checks”, both the seller and the buyer roll every item for appraisal. The success of each roll is indicated. The value that the seller and buyer believe the item to be worth is calculated randomly using the rules in PHB. Exotic items (DC of 15 or more) are more difficult to appraise and the value varies more. A ? indicates that the seller or buyer cannot give an estimate of the value – he has no idea what the value is. Once you have the values, it is time to role-play the sale – tell the player what he believes the value of the item is, without telling him or her what the buyer thinks it's worth.

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