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DM Genie makes it easy to share with your friends. Practically everything in DM Genie can be exported: campaigns, creatures, groups, adventures, races, skills, feats, spells, psionic powers, items, weapons and conditions. For example, say that you have written an adventure, complete with descriptions, maps, enemies and treasure. You can use the Exporting an Adventure function to create a single file that you can then give to your friends, or sell on the Internet, so that other DMs can also play your adventure with very little preparation time. Learn more by selecting below what you wish to export or import:

Exporting a Creature , Importing a Creature

Exporting a Group , Importing a Group

Exporting Other Files , Importing Other Files

Exporting an Adventure , Importing Adventures

Unknowns Found During Import

Exporting a Campaign , Importing a Campaign

Saving Your Weather

In addition to using the File->Import menus of various windows in DM Genie, you can also simply double click the file from the windows file explorer; or, select one or more files and drag them onto the DM Genie link on your desktop. All DM Genie files use the DM Genie icon.

Sharing between Player Genie and DM Genie

DM Genie files are fully compatible with Player Genie and vice-versa (as long as both programs are of the same version). For example, your DM can make a campaign in DM Genie, export it, and give it to his/her players who will import it into Player Genie. A player can create his PC in Player Genie, and export it to a .Creature file, giving it to the DM for use during the game.

Importing a campaign created in Player Genie to DM Genie will require you to copy the following files: Treasure.TXT, Weather_Desc.TXT, and Weather.DAT. These files aren't included in Player Genie because it doesn't have any random treasure generator or Weather Generator.

Player Genie cannot read weather files.

Sharing Files

You are encouraged to share your creations on the Internet. The more people contribute, the easier it will be for everyone to create a customized campaign. Visit the DM Genie website at:

to upload your exported files and download those that others have uploaded. DM Genie compresses the files so there is no need to use compressors such as Winzip. You can also distribute them any other way you wish – e-mail, CD-ROMs, on your own website, etc.

Copyright notices should be included when applicable. It is a good idea to include a note of what is Open Game Content, either as a separate text file or within the descriptions themselves. Explain clearly what people can and cannot redistribute. Also, be careful when converting something that was originally published by someone else. Not everything, even if you get it for free on the Internet, can be legally reproduced. Check what part of the publication is Open Game Content. The Open Gaming concept is great, but it will fail if people abuse publishers' rights to intellectual property.

Selling your Creations

You are fully authorized to sell anything you made using DM Genie in any way you wish. This includes over the Internet, on CD, in printed form, etc. You are not authorized to sell DM Genie! You cannot charge any money for someone to download or copy the shareware version of DM Genie, and you are forbidden from distributing the registration codes, in any way, to anyone, for any price, including free.

To distribute the shareware version of DM Genie, you need to obtain our authorization at . You must distribute the shareware version for free, or for the price of the media. You may also sell a CD or package containing the shareware version of DM Genie, but only if you are selling a DM Genie file with it. That is, it must be clear to the customer that he or she is purchasing your files, not the DM Genie shareware version.

You may also link to the DM Genie website, , to let users download their own copies – this has the advantage that the program they download will always be up to date.

A note about Open Game Content: The skills, feats, spells, powers, items, races, items and weapons that come with DM Genie, and their descriptions, are Open Game Content. This means you can reproduce the text, or export DM Genie files containing them and distribute the files, even for money. See the Open Gaming License v1.0a . DM Genie itself, the program code, layout, artwork, design, interface are all Copyright © 2002-2006 Mad Scientist Studios and may not be redistributed except as explained above. Additional content downloaded from the Internet may or may not be OGC.

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