Importing Adventures

Importing adventures is a real time-saver: you can download an adventure from the Internet, import it into DM Genie and be ready to run a new game in just a few minutes! The story, monsters, treasure and random encounters are all instantly ready to use. You can import a complete module, with numerous adventures and storylines, or you can import just a single mini-encounter or side trek that will add flavor to your existing adventure.

To import an adventure, open the Campaign Manager . Select an adventure by clicking on it on the adventure tree. Go to the File->Import menu. Here, you have a choice between two menu items.

Import as Root Adventure: Creates an adventure at the highest level possible in the adventure tree (the root level). This is most useful for large adventures or entire modules.

Import Below this Adventure: Imports the adventure as a child (sub-adventure) of the selected adventure. This is most useful for add-ons, side treks or mini-encounters that can be added to an existing adventure.

When importing an adventure with maps, a \Maps\ directory is added to your campaign's root directory and the map files are placed there. Any customized items such as spells (see Exporting Adventure Data ) are added to the current campaign. DM Genie will not overwrite existing items. Normally, the person who exported the adventure should have included any custom items that aren't in DM Genie's core rules campaign. However, if some items are missing when importing the creatures, you will see the Unknowns Found During Import window that will warn you of the missing items.

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