Exporting an Adventure

To export an adventure, go to the Campaign Manager and open the File->Export menu. You can export either a single adventure or multiple adventures at once, depending on what menu item you select:

This Adventure: Only the selected adventure

All Adventures Below This One: The selected adventure and every child adventure below it. For example, you could create an adventure called “Evil Temple” and have child adventures below it like “Entrance Hall” and “Altar of Death”. All these will be saved as a single file.

All Adventures: Every adventure in the campaign will be saved as a single file.

You will then be taken to the Export Adventure Data window:

Exporting Adventure Data

You may wish to include special races, skills, feats, spells, psionic powers, items or weapons that are needed to run the adventure. For example, an evil sorcerer could have created a spell called “Finger of Death”. With this window, you can export it along with the rest of the adventure. There is no need to include any of the items (skills, etc.) that came with DM Genie – since everyone has them. Select only the original items to reduce the size of the .Adventure file. If your adventure runs in a campaign that can be downloaded separately from, for example, the DM Genie website, you won't need to include any of the skills, feats, etc. from that campaign – just tell people to download and install the campaign first.

To export races, skills, feats, spells, psionic powers or items, use the Export with Adventure Data window. You can open it from the File->Export->Other... menu item from the main window. Select the tab that corresponds to what you want to export. Each tab works in the same way, and has these components:

Items Available

This is a list of every item in the current campaign. You can select multiple items by Ctrl-Clicking and Shift-Clicking. Click the “Add” button to add the selected items to the list at right.

Items Selected for Export

All the items in the list will be exported once you save the file. You can remove items from this list by selecting them and clicking “Remove Selected”, and you can clear the list by clicking “Clear”.

Continue Button

Click this button to accept the selection you have made. The selected items are then exported with the adventure.

Cancel Button

Cancels the adventure export.

When exporting an adventure DM Genie automatically saves every associated group and the creatures in them. The descriptions, notes, random encounter table and items list (with descriptions) are also saved. The map/picture files linked to the adventures are also saved in the same file. Avoid having two different maps with the same filename but in different directories, because when the adventure is exported, directory information is lost, and one of the maps will be missing.

See Sharing Files for more tips on giving or selling your DM Genie files.

Documentation for DM Genie and Player Genie, page Export_Adventure. Copyright © Mad Scientist Studios, 2006.
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