Exporting a Campaign

So you've created your own campaign world, with it's own interesting races, original spells, strange locations – congratulations! Now you can share your hard work with the rest of the gaming community by exporting an entire campaign. For more information on creating campaigns, go to Creating a Campaign . You can also use entries in the adventure tree to describe your world, perhaps with separate entries for culture, deities, governments, important towns, etc.

Open the Campaign Manager . From the File->Export menu select “Entire Campaign”. You will then be asked to enter a filename. Use the .Campaign extension to avoid confusion. You will then be asked what parts of the campaign you wish to export:

Export the Adventures?: If you've created custom spells, feats, etc. and want to share these but don't want to include the storyline, select No. Numerous adventures, especially with large maps, will make the campaign file very large, so file size issues is another reason to say No.

Export the Creatures and Groups?: You may want to create a few creatures – for important NPCs or villains, for example, and include them with the campaign.

Export the Races?: If you've created custom races, click Yes. If not, you can click No to save on the file size – but that will force your users to use the "Race->Copy Core Races" menu, so it is recommended to keep the races.

The entire campaign is exported as a single file. This includes all skills, feats, spells, powers and items. You may now give or sell the campaign file (see Sharing Files ).

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