Exporting Other Files

To export races, skills, feats, spells, psionic powers, weapons, items or conditions, use the Export Campaign Data window. You can open it from the File->Export->Other... menu item from the main window. When your exported files will be redistributed, it is a good idea to include a copyright notice and a mention of what part of the text is open game content. Click here to learn more about Sharing Files .

Exporting Spells, Psionic Powers and Items

Each of these three things can have conditions associated with them. To learn how to associate conditions, see Editing Spells' and Powers' Associated Conditions and Items Editor . When exporting a spell, power or item that has a condition associated with it, the condition is exported as part of the same file. Locked conditions are not exported because it is certain that every DM Genie user has them. If more than one spell exported at the same time use the same condition, it is only exported once.

Exporting Conditions

You can export condition(s) alone using the Conditions tab of this window. If you are exporting a spell, power or item, you do not need to export the condition separately, because it is always included.

Selecting Items to Export

Select the tab that corresponds to what you want to export. Each tab works in the same way, and has these components:

Items Available

This is a list of every item in the current campaign. You can select multiple items by Ctrl-Clicking and Shift-Clicking. Click the “Add” button to add the selected items to the list at right.

Items Selected for Export

All the items in the list will be exported once you save the file. You can remove items from this list by selecting them and clicking “Remove Selected”, and you can clear the list by clicking “Clear”.


Type in the path and filename to which you want to save. You may also click the button at right to choose a filename. The default extensions are .Race, .Skill, .Feat, .Spell, .PsionicPower, .Item, .Weapon and .Condition.

Export Button

Click this to save the file in the currently opened tab.

Done Button

Closes the window. This does not save any changes made since you last clicked “Export”.

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