Importing Other Files

The files that were exported using the Exporting Other Files window can be imported from the main window. Select the File->Import menu. You will then be asked to select a file to import. Any new items will be automatically added to your campaign. If one of the imported items has the same name as an old item currently in your campaign, you will be presented with this choice:

-          Replace: The old item is replaced with the new

-          Rename: Enter the name of the new (imported) item. It will be added alongside the other item. No characteristics other than the name will be changed (so the description will still give the old name).

-          Skip: Do not import this item.

-          Replace All: All items imported will replace the old.

-          Skip All: Any item of the same name will be skipped. New items will still be added.

-          Stop and ask if descriptions are different: Used with Skip All and Replace All: if items have the same name but their descriptions are different it will stop skipping/replacing all to ask what to do for that specific item (Replace/Rename/Skip).

After importing a message box will tell you the number and the names of the items that were imported as well as those that were skipped, if any.

Importing Spells, Psionic Powers and Items

Each of these three things can have conditions associated with them. To learn how to associate conditions, see Editing Spells' and Powers' Associated Conditions and the conditions section of the Items Editor . When importing a spell, power or item that has a condition associated with it, the condition(s) will be imported first. If any conditions are already in the campaign and have the same name, they will not be overwritten.

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