Importing a Campaign

Importing a campaign is a very quick way to input a complete gaming world. Depending on what was exported with the campaign data, the .Campaign file you have may include adventures, groups, creatures and/or races. All exported campaigns will have lists of skills, feats, spells, psionic powers, items and weapons – although some may simply be a copy of the core rules' data.

To import a campaign, open the Campaign Manager . Go to the File->Import->Import Campaign menu item. You will then be asked to select the .Campaign file you wish to import. Then, you need to give a name for you campaign. Finally, you must select a directory where the campaign files will be stored. If the directory already holds a campaign, all previous data will be overwritten. From the directory window you can also create a new directory, if needed.

After DM Genie closes, you must restart the program. DM Genie will then load the new campaign's data. When creating a campaign, DM Genie adds a shortcut to the current campaign in your \Start Menu\Programs\DM Genie\ directory. You can click the shortcut to go to your campaign (or use the File->Select menu, see below). In addition, you can switch to another campaign using the File->Select Campaign menu from the Campaign Manager .

If you're importing a campaign from version 1.16 or earlier: Starting from version 1.17, races are no longer shared between the Core Rules and custom campaigns. When you start your custom campaign, you will find that you are missing most or all of the races - from the Race Editor use the "Race->Copy Core Races into Campaign" menu, and you will once again have a copy of the core races in your custom campaign. This change was made to eliminate the doubled races bug.

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