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With DM Genie, you can put an entire adventure – in fact, an entire campaign – in an electronic format that is fully incorporated with the rest of the program. You can either create the adventure from scratch, or convert a module you bought. It is even easier if you purchase a .PDF adventure from the Internet, since you can copy/paste the text directly into DM Genie. Warning: do not copy or distribute an adventure if that would be a copyright violation. See Exporting an Adventure for help on creating DM Genie-readable adventure files.

In DM Genie, the term “adventure” means a single page of description, creatures and items. For example, a trek through a dungeon to kill a dragon is, as a whole, an adventure, but you can make a page for “The Dragon's Lair” and for “Trap-Filled Hallway”. Each of these separate pages is referred to as an “adventure”.

The Adventure Tree

The adventures are organized as a tree, which is very similar to directories on a hard drive. A root or parent adventure (e.g. The Goblin's Dungeon) can have several child adventures within it (e.g. Entrance Room, Evil Altar Room, and Deep Tunnel). Each child can have children as well. For example, you could make a parent adventure for each level of a dungeon, and child adventures for each room on each level. Click on the “+” to expand an adventure. Press the “*” key to expand all the adventures below it.

You can move adventures around the tree by clicking one and dragging the mouse to its new location, and then releasing the mouse button. You can put an adventure at the top of its parent's children by dragging it onto its parent.

Adding/Deleting Adventures

Select an adventure in the Adventure Tree. Two buttons allow you to create new adventure. The first one will create a child of the selected adventure (one level below). The second one will create an adventure next to the selected one (on the same level). You can then set the name of the adventure. To ensure that Adventure Hyperlinks work properly, keep all adventure names unique.

Click the “Delete” button to remove an adventure. If a group is associated with it, you will be asked whether or not to delete it. Map/Picture files are not deleted.

Adventure Tabs

Each adventure can have a description, a group of monsters, a set of items (usually treasure), a map or picture, a random encounter table and some campaign notes. Select one of the following items to learn more.

Adventure Description

Adventure Items

Adventure Creatures

Random Encounters

Adventure Map

Adventure Campaign Notes

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