Adventure Items

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Here you can put a list of items your characters can find during this adventure. This could be a monster's treasure, or an item hidden in the room, or something a NPC will give to the PCs. See also the Items Popup Menu .

Coins as Treasure

You can set a number of each type of coins the PC may find in the current room or part of the adventure. The “Share Between” button makes a calculation to automatically come up with a fair way to divide coins equally between any number of people. In some cases, someone may have to take coins out of their own supply in order to get a more even amount – this is indicated with a negative number (e.g. “-2 gp” means that character must take 2 of his gp, put them with the other gold pieces to share with the remaining characters). Any pieces that could not be divided are also indicated (usually 1 cp or none).

Adding Items

To add items to the list, click on the first dropdown list box and select the type of item. When you select a type, only items that match it will be displayed in the second list box underneath it. You can select “All Items” or “All Magical Items” if you are unsure of the exact type. Then, select the item to add from the list. As you move from item to item, the description of the selected item is displayed in the textbox below, although you cannot edit it until you add it to the list, by clicking the “Add” button.

The "Read Item String" button reads a comma-separated string of items, much like those accepted by the Stat Block importer (see New Creature: Import Stat Block ).

Editing Items

You can view and edit each item's description in the box at the bottom. To edit other characteristics, right-click the item and select Edit.

Dragging and Dropping

As with other items in the program, you can drag/drop items from the adventure to other inventory lists (in the Main Window or Treasure Window) or to characters in the Main Window's Creature List.

Appraising Items

When the PCs return to the village, loaded with goodies, they might want to sell some of them for extra cash. The Appraise buttons add the items from the list to the Appraisals Window . You can add either all items, or only those found by someone. You can add items for only this adventure, or for this one and all below it. See the Appraisals Window for more details on rolling appraisals.

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