Adventure Description

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At the top of the Campaign Manager a text box allows you to set the name of your adventure. It's a good idea to keep this name simple – if you have a map with numbered rooms, the name “Room 24” will be easier to use than “Square Room With Black Pudding”. To ensure that Adventure Hyperlinks work properly, keep all adventure names unique.

In the Description frame, you find two text boxes: the short description and the full description boxes. The short description holds a one-line summary of the room or adventure. The full description should contain the physical appearance of the room, the description of any traps or secret doors. You can also include text that is meant to be spoken to the players. In printed modules this is usually in a shaded box, but the rich text box doesn't allow shading, so you may want to use a different color, or underline it, or put it in bold. See the Word Processor Commands to learn more about changing the text's font properties. As with nearly all text in an adventure, you can include Adventure Hyperlinks .

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