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(Feature not available in Player Genie)

The random treasure generator rolls magical items and coins based on the tables in the DMG. Click Shift-F6 to open it. See Editing Treasure Tables if you wish to change the chances for a particular item or type of item or add new items to the random treasure tables.

Random By Level

-          Encounter Level: Choose the encounter level for the treasure (1 to 30).

-          Clear List upon generation: Automatically remove all items when you generate a new item. Uncheck this to give several treasures at once.

-          Make # of coins less even: Puts extra randomization in the number of coins. For example, 1d6x10000 cp would always give a number like 20000 or 60000, but if this is checked, the values is adjusted by a random number up to +- 5000, giving a more realistic 23113 cp or 58298 cp. The average number of coins given out over many treasures remains the same.

-          Generate Treasure: Makes the treasure with the settings described.

-          Adjust the amount of treasure: For each type, you can adjust how much is given. This does not affect the probability of a particular type of item occurring, but changes the number given when a type of item does occur. The values go from 0% to 400%

Random By Type

Here, items are rolled randomly, according to the correct table for each item type.

-          Magnitude: Choose what magnitudes of the magic items to include (does not affect art/gems/mundane).

-          Item Type: Check each item type to include in the generation. Each type has an equal chance of being picked. If you uncheck them all, the type will be chosen at random just like when you create the treasure by level.

-          Count: Number of items to generate.

-          Generate Items: Adds the items to the list (replaces the list if clear list is checked).

Popup Menu (Right-Click an Item)

By left-clicking on the item's name, weight, value or quantity, you can edit these values. More options are available by right-clicking the item, see the Items Pop-up Menu for more details.

Dragging and Dropping

As with other items in the program, you can drag/drop items from the treasure to other inventory lists (in the Main Window or Campaign Manager) or to characters in the Main Window's Creature List.

Top Buttons

-          Clear Treasure: Removes all items and coins.

-          Give All To...: Puts all items in the treasure in the inventory of the creature you select. The first choice is the current creature, then the current adventure; all the others are the PC's Party.

-          Leave all in Adventure: Puts all the items and coins in the current adventure selected in the Campaign Manager .

-          Get from Enemies: Takes all the items and coins from all enemies in the current group and puts them in the treasure list.

About the Generated Items

Some magical items have additional qualities – these are indicated in the item's description. For example: "Something provides a clue to its function." and "This weapon sheds light."

Some items are intelligent (usually 5% of weapons and 1% of other items). The intelligence characteristics, primary and extraordinary abilities are all rolled automatically. The price of an intelligent item is increased to reflect its new powers. There are a couple of things to look out for: alignment may be incompatible with a power the weapon has (a chaotic sword shouldn't be lawful), simply choose a new alignment in that case; ego is not yet automatically calculated; extra languages thanks to high Int scores are not automatically assigned – choose languages that match the weapon (a dwarven waraxe would speak dwarf).

When you use a scroll with several spells, edit the name (and description, if you wish) to remove the used spell. If one of the spells has a condition associated with it, the Condition Setter will pop up with the conditions for ALL the spells on the scroll. Select the appropriate one.

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