Items Pop-up Menu

Right-click an item on an inventory list in the Main Window , the Campaign Manager , or the Random Treasure Generator to see this menu.

-          Use Item: Adds a line in the combat log saying that the creature has used the item. If the item is disposable, the number of items is reduced by one. If the item has charges, the number of charges is reduced by one. Finally, if the item can generate conditions (like some magic items, especially scrolls), the Condition Setter is opened, with the related conditions in the list. The Items Editor can be used to associate conditions to an item.

-          Edit Item: Opens the Items Editor with this item selected.

-          Remove: Removes that item from the list

-          Sell Item: Sells the item and gives the corresponding coins to the PC. Asks for the percentage of full value to give in GP (default is 100%).

-          Equipped: When checked, the item is equipped. This means it is either being worn, in hand, or activated in some way. Magical items with conditions that are always on have those conditions automatically activated.

-          Container: You can expand all containers (show all contents) or collapse them all. Also, you can take out all the contents of one container.

The next options allow you to select the type of item.

-          Mundane Item: Neither magical nor psionic.

-          Magical but unidentified: The players do not know the effect of this item. This reminds you to apply them for the players. For example, add +2 to every attack roll made with a longsword +2 if the PCs have not determined its power yet.

-          Magical & Identified: The players know about this item's power, so you don't need to keep track of them

-          Psionic but unidentified: See Magical but unidentified

-          Psionic & Identified: See Magical & Identified

The next options are useful to move items around.

-          Give Item To: A list of the creatures in the PC's Party group are presented. Select the PC who will receive the item you selected. From this menu you can also give the item to the currently selected adventure, or to the Random Treasure Generator window.

-          Copy All To: As above, except you will give a copy of ALL items to the target PC or adventure.

A few more menu items allow you to use the appraisals window, under the Appraisal submenu (Not available in Player Genie) :

-          Add to Appraisals: Adds that single item to the list of appraisals. See the Appraisals Window .

-          Add to Appraisals: Adds all the items to the list of appraisals. See the Appraisals Window .

-          Open Appraisals Window: See the Appraisals Window .

Still more misc. menu options:

-          Ignore weight: The item's weight doesn't count in the player's total weight and so won't cause his load to go from light to medium. For example, an object carried in a bag of holding. An asterix * next to the weight signals those items with ignored weight.

-          Sort Item list: Choose by name, weight or value.

-          Read Item String: Reads a comma-separated string of items, much like those accepted by the Stat Block importer (see New Creature: Import Stat Block ).


-          Clear All Items: removes all the items in the list.

To give random treasure, see the Random Treasure Generator .

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