Editing Treasure Tables

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(Feature not available in Player Genie)

A good part of the random treasure tables are in TREASURE.TXT, in the \Data\ directory of your campaign. To learn how to edit it, open the file and read the comments included. Each TREASURE.TXT file has a version number; you will get a warning if you try to use the wrong version.

There are a few different ways the items are rolled, depending one what type they are:

  1. Gems and art: They are generated from the name and value in TREASURE.TXT. They do not need to be in the Standard Items. Weight is always 0 (for this version at least).
  2. Mundane Items: DM Genie reads the name in TREASURE.TXT and finds the corresponding Standard Item.
  3. Weapons: DM Genie finds a matching standard weapon (see the Standard Weapons Editor ), and then will adjust magical bonuses, abilities, etc.
  4. Scrolls: DM Genie looks for items named "Scroll: Spellname", and assembles them together to create multiple-spell scrolls. For example: Scroll: Cure Light Wounds (1), Prayer (3). The number in parentheses is the level of the spell.
  5. Other Magical Items: DM Genie looks at each item of the type required (for example, 'Ring'). Each item has a chance for Minor, Medium and Major items (see Items Editor ). The chance for a specific item is value for that item, divided by the total of the values for all items of the same type. Say for example you want the 'Ring of Counterspells' to come up twice as often (right now it is 5% for minor/medium items), simply change the value to 10. The dice rolled will be 1-105, with 10 chances out of 105 to be a 'Ring of Counterspells'.

As mentioned above, to edit chances item-by-item, use the Items Editor in the General tab. If you create a new standard item, like a new ring, it will never come up as a random treasure unless you adjust its chance to above 0. For scrolls, mundane items, weapons and armor, editing the chance in the Items Editor has no effect – you must edit TREASURE.TXT.

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