Automatic Race Creation

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Create from this text

This powerful feature allows you to instantly create a race from a MM statistics block. This is a standard format, and you can obtain races in this format from various websites. Simply copy and paste the text into the text box. It even works if the text has up to 3 columns – you must however ensure that the header column is from characters 0 to 24, the first race column is from 25 to 64, the second from 65 to 104, the third from 105 on. There are no such restrictions when loading a single race.

You must include each line in the MM stat block in the same order as in the book. Be sure not to misspell the header or to forget the colon (like Face/Reach:) – unknown headers will cause the program to think the description has started. You may however skip any line except the name and type/size line. Everything after the last line will be considered to be part of the description.

You can also load several races one after another. Separate each creature with a “###” at the beginning of a line, to ensure that the next race isn't considered to be part of the description of the previous race.

Warning: while some races are open game content, descriptions often aren't and you should check with the author before copying or distributing a race. See Exporting Other Files and Importing Other Files for instructions on how to share races using DM Genie's file format. Import/Export is faster and easier than using this function and saves more data not necessarily displayed in the MM statistics block.

Make Text from current

You can also create the race using DM Genie and then click this button to get a standard MM statistics block. Copy and paste this text to another document, like a Word text file or a html page.

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