Creating a Campaign

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The default campaign for DM Genie is called the 'Core Rules Campaign'. When you first start the program, this is the campaign you are in. It includes all the skills, feats, spells from the 3 Core Rulebooks, as well as psionics.

It is a good idea to create a new campaign when you start a game, instead of using the Core Rules Campaign. This is because all new campaigns are created from the Core Rules. If you alter the core rules by deleting spells for example, you will not be able to restore these spells without re-installing DM Genie.

To create a campaign, select 'Create New Campaign' from the File Menu. You will then be prompted to enter the name of the campaign. You can also see Importing a Campaign .

To edit the data in your new campaign (like skills, feats, etc.), see the Main Window Menus under “Customize”.

New Campaigns

Each campaign must have its own directory. Double-click the directory to select it, or click the “Create New Directory” button to create one if needed. When creating the new campaign, the data from the Core Rules Campaign is copied there. The two copies are completely separate, so you may edit the new campaign any way you like, and not affect any other campaign. When creating a campaign, DM Genie adds a shortcut to the current campaign in your \Start Menu\Programs\DM Genie\ directory. Click the shortcut to go to your campaign (or use the File->Select menu, see below). The shortcut does not work with all versions of Windows, however.

Old Campaigns

You may have a campaign directory but DM Genie might not have it in its list – this could happen if you made a backup of the directory and copied it somewhere else, or if a friend copies his campaign directory to you. In this case, select “Yes” when prompted whether or not to keep the data already there. Selecting “No” will overwrite all your campaign data.

Selecting a New Campaign

Use the File->Select Campaign menu to open a different campaign. After creating your campaign, or when switching from one campaign to another, DM Genie will close immediately. You must restart the program, and it will load all the separate skills, spells, etc. in that campaign.

To avoid having to start the program, then click select, and then restart again, you can use the shortcuts generated by DM Genie during campaign creation. They are in your \Start Menu\Programs\DM Genie\ directory.

Clearing/Editing the Campaign List

If you have created several campaigns but deleted their directories, click this to delete the list from DM Genie's file. No files are deleted – just the entries in the list. You can also step through the list to remove individual entries in the list.

If you removed entries for some active campaigns, don't worry! None of your campaigns are deleted! You can add them to the list again by clicking 'Create New Campaign' and selecting the old directory (and telling DM Genie NOT to overwrite the old data).

Campaign Statistics

The File->Campaign Statistics menu will give you some information about how many items, creatures, etc. are in your campaign.

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