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File Menu

-          Options: Open the Options Dialog

-          Show Toolbar: Show or hide the toolbar.

-          Search: Open the Searching for Text (Main Window) dialog.

-          Save All Files: Saves all the data for this campaign – all races, creatures, feats, skills, spells, powers, items, weapons and conditions.

-          Export: See the Exporting a Creature , Exporting a Group and Exporting Other Files topics.

-          Import: See the Importing a Creature , Importing a Group and Importing Other Files topics.

-          Quit: Quits the program normally, and saves all changes made.

-          Quit Without Saving: Quits but doesn't save anything recently changed. Can be useful if you accidentally messed up your data and don't want to save that. Note that closing windows usually saves related information, and the auto-save feature saves everything.

Battle Menu

Many of the menu items perform the same way as the buttons in the main window. See Steps for Running a Battle to learn more.

-          Remove All: You can remove all creatures, or only the enemies, from the current group. This does not delete them permanently.

-          Encounter Difficulty/XP opens a window telling you the encounter level for this battle and the amount of XP to give.

-          Rest All: Rests ALL characters in the current group for 8 or 24 hours. This resets spell slots, power points, talents, and calculates natural healing of regular damage and of nonlethal damage. Also, some feats have a rest script, resetting the # of uses per day of certain abilities for example. This will also increase the current time by 8 or 24 hours.

Current Character

This is nearly the same menu as seen when right-clicking the Creature List , except it only applies to the currently selected creature.

-          Attack with...: same as the buttons in the Attacks Frame

-          Clear All Conditions: unsets all the conditions for the creature.

-          Copy Current: Create another creature with exactly the same name and stats.

-          Remove Current: Removes the creature from the group but keep it on disk and in the All Creatures group. This can be undone using the Group Manager .

-          Delete Current: Delete the creature from the disk and from all groups. This cannot be undone.

-          Undo Changes: Load the creature as was last saved to disk. See Automatic File Saving to learn when a creature is saved. This cannot be undone.

-          Resting: Rests the current character for 8 or 24 hours. This resets spell slots, power points, talents, and calculates natural healing of regular damage and of nonlethal damage. Also, some feats have a rest script, resetting the # of uses per day of certain abilities for example.

-          Detailed Information: Pops up text boxes detailing DM Genie's calculations of:

o        AC and Touch AC bonuses.

o        The current attack's Attack (and damage) Bonuses

o        A Conditions Summary

o        Hit Dice Details: this allows you to edit each hit die a PC has gained (from race, levels, templates, etc.). See Hit Dice Detail for more information.

-          Add A Level: Adds a class or creature advancement level, just like the button in the Classes Frame .

-          Make Character Sheet: Opens the Character Sheet Output dialog to create a HTML character sheet for you.


From this menu you can customize your campaign by manually creating or editing skills, feats, spells, psionic powers and armor/shield. Another way to add these items to a campaign is by Importing Other Files from the File->Import menu. After you have created custom items, you can export them – see Exporting Other Files . If the menu is disabled, select a creature to enable it (viewing and editing these items are both done when viewing a creature).

-          New [skill/feat/spell/power]: Creates a new item. Asks you the name of the item and if necessary, additional information. Afterwards, you can edit the description from the main window. For this version of DM Genie, the information entered during creation (except the name) cannot be changed. You will need to create a new item, enter the correct information, copy the description, and delete the old item.

-          Rename [skill/feat/spell/power]: Change the name of the select item. It is recommended not to change the names of the items that come with DM Genie (those from the core rules) because they should be universal. The New Creature: Import Stat Block function and some of the automated skill, feat and spell settings when creating a monster rely on the names of the skills to be exact. Creatures who already have the item will have the new renamed item as well, without any intervention on your part.

-          Delete [skill/feat/spell/power]: Permanently delete the selected item. Note that if you delete a feat (for example) that some creatures had in their feat list, and then create a new feat, some creatures may have that new feat immediately –you'll have to remove it from their list manually. Newly created creatures will not however have the new feat by default (except if it is in the race's list of feats). This is because DM Genie saves the list of feats as an array, but when a feat is deleted and then replaced by another, the new feat takes the old feat's place in the array. For this reason, it is best not to delete a feat before any creature has it.

-          Delete All [skill/feat/spell/power]: Deletes every item in this campaign. You cannot use this option from the core rules campaign (See Creating a Campaign to learn how to create a custom campaign). This is useful when you are making a new campaign from scratch, or if for example your campaign has no psionics in it (Delete all Powers).


This menu is the same as the Spells Pop-up Menu .


Select what window to open. All windows in DM Genie have this menu. You can also open the windows anywhere using the Keyboard Shortcuts , also displayed in the Windows menu.


From the help menu you can open this file at the DM Genie Help Contents ; run one of the Tutorials ; view the About box, which holds the text of the Open Gaming License; open the DM Genie website at ; or open the form for Registering DM Genie .

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