Options Dialog

The options dialog allows you to change the way information is displayed in DM Genie, and set special game rules. You can access it from the File->Options menu of the Main Window .


-          Show Roll+Bonus: When making a roll (attack, skill check or other), reports the value rolled on the dice and the bonus, as in (18+4) = 22.

-          Condition Activated: Adds a line in the Combat Log when a condition is added from the Conditions Frame .

-          Condition Expires: Adds a line in the combat log when a condition automatically expires.

-          Damage Entered: Reports damage entered through the damage form (opened by right-clicking on a creature from the list).

-          Creature Stabilizes: DM Genie can automatically roll the stabilization for dying character – this reports successful rolls.

-          Creature Dies: Reports the death only when DM Genie automatically reduced the dying creature's hp by 1 at the end of a round.

-          Detailed bonuses when attacking: The source of each attack and damage bonus is reported for each attack. This can be quite long, so its not recommended keeping this active always. Double-click the “Attack” label from the Attacks Frame to give the same information.

-          Description boxes grow: Skills, spells and psionic powers' description boxes can grow automatically to fill up more of the screen whenever they receive the focus (the cursor is clicked on it with the mouse or tabbed with the keyboard). This is useful for low resolutions.

-          Show tips at startup: Check this to show the tips again at the next startup.

-          Font Size: This affects for the combat log, the stat block and a few other text boxes. Does not affect spell descriptions, etc.

-          Hide Item Conditions: Active item conditions are not shown except in the condition setter. This reduces the amount of text in the Notes column of the creature list for creatures with many magical items.

-          Auto-Generate Psionic Items: Generate psionic dorjes, tattoos and power stones from the list of psionic powers when DM Genie starts.

-          Hide Unidentified Magical Items: Useful when printing out character sheet for your PCs without them knowing what their unknown magical items are. Replaces the name of each unidentified item with the first word followed by '...'

-          Auto-Save: Sets the time between auto-saves. See Automatic File Saving .


Select the type of entry you wish to change color. The window at right is a sample of the color. To set the foreground (text) color, click “Foreground color”. To set the background color, click “Background color

Special Game Rules

Only one item is present in this window for this version of DM Genie. Please contribute your ideas for other game rules you would like to see at feedback@dmgenie.com

-          Default HP for new creature: Roll Hit Dice: If unchecked, use the standard number of HP as a default for new creatures.

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