Automatic File Saving

To avoid data loss due to an empty laptop battery or Windows crashing, you can set DM Genie to automatically save all campaign data (all races, creatures, feats, skills, spells, powers, items, conditions) at a specified interval of time. Go to the Files->Options menu to pick the number of minutes between saves.

In addition to this automatic saving, DM Genie also saves data when certain conditions are met:

-          Starting each new round of combat: All creatures in the current group are saved.

-          Closing the Campaign Manager: All adventures are saved.

-          Closing the Race Editor: All races that were viewed and/or edited are saved.

-          Closing the Timekeeping window: The event notes are saved.

-          Closing the Conditions Editor: All conditions, spells and psionic powers are saved.

-          Closing the Items Editor: If any standard item was changed, all standard items are saved.

-          Each time you generate weather: The weather file is saved.

-          Closing any window: The window's position is saved and, when reopened, will stay the same.

-          Quitting DM Genie: All campaign data is saved.

Use the File->Save All Files menu to manually save all the campaign data. The undo functions from the Main Window and the Race Editor rely on loading the file previously saved to disk. If you save the data after changing it, either manually or by doing one of the actions listed above, you may load some of the changes you are trying to undo.

Documentation for DM Genie and Player Genie, page File_Saving. Copyright © Mad Scientist Studios, 2006.
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