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A counter on a map is like a checker on a checkerboard – it is a movable piece that represents something. In DM Genie, counters can be round or square, have any color or size, and have labels and descriptions.

All maps have independent counters, even if they use the same map image. You can thus include only the counters relevant to that part of the adventure. You can also copy the counters from the parent adventure, if you wish for all the maps to have the same counters.

Selecting Counters

When a counter's label is bold, that counter is selected. If you click one of the selected counters, it will be underlined and its stats are shown at right.

Multiple Counters: First, in the box next to "Select Counters:", choose a shape: rectangle, circle, and 45 or 90-degree cone. Then, click off of any counter and drag the mouse to define the shape. You can hold Ctrl while clicking to add/remove from the current selection. You can use these shapes to apply spell effects.

Individual Counters: Clicking a single counter will select it. Ctrl+Click additional counters to select or de-select them.

Moving Counters

Simply click on the circle or square of one of the selected counters, hold down the mouse button and drag the counter along. Release the button at the new position. If several counters are selected, all are moved and keep their relative positions. Counters cannot be moved outside the limits of the map image file.

Counters Linked to a Creature/Item

Double-click the counter or click the "View Obj" button to view/edit the item or creature. Only counters added using "Auto-Add" are linked to a creature or item.

Counter Control

This frame holds commands that affect all counters in a map, as well as commands for adding counters.

-          Show Counters: Check the boxes to select what kind of counters to show. Creatures are either friends or enemies, Items are either magical or not, and Misc is everything else.

-          Resize w/Zoom: Check this to change the size of the counters to match the zoom of the image. For example, a counter of size 16 will be 32 pixels wide in a zoom of 200%. Uncheck it in order to keep the counter size always constant. This way, zooming will still show the counter, but less of the map will be obscured by it.

-          Add: Select the type of new counter to add. The new counter will be in the upper left corner of the map. You will need to drag it to its location.

-          Auto Add: Will automatically add counters based on other data. All new counters are in the upper left corner of the map.

o        By Group: Select a group: PC's Party, Current Encounter, or another group. All the creatures from that group will be added. The creatures are also linked to the counter – that is, double-click the counter to open the creature.

o        Adventure Items: Adds all the items in this adventure.

o        Copy from higher level: Will automatically copy the counters that are in the parent adventure's map. All locations will stay the same. You just have to select the type of items to copy.

-          Remove Counters: You can either delete a single counter (the selected counter), or all counters of a specific type, or all counters.

-          Act on Selected: This is the same pop-up menu that is obtained by right-clicking on a selected counter. Using it, you can affect changes on all selected counters – by opening the Roll Window , the damage entry form, the Condition Setter , or by killing the selected creatures (setting hp to –10).

Counter Editor

First, you must select a counter either by clicking it, or by selecting it in the dropdown box.

-          Delete: Removes the counter.

-          Short Name: is the name displayed beneath the counter. It is automatically generated from the long name, but you can edit it.

-          Type: The type of counter. Each counter type has a distinctive color and shape, although you can override the default. The type of counter is used in removing/copying multiple counters.

-          Settings: Opens a menu with these options:

o        Rename: Enter the new name for this counter.

o        Use Picture: Select a graphics file. That image will be used instead of the square or circle. Note that the image will not be resized – it will always stay at the same size as the source image.

o        Fill Color, Border Color: The color of the border of the counter, and the fill (inside the shape).

-          Size: Size in pixels.

-          Circle: Check this if the counter is a circle. It is a square otherwise.

-          View Obj: Opens the linked item or creature, if one is linked to this counter.

-          Description: Detailed description of the counter. For linked Creatures, this cannot be edited – it displays a summary of the creature instead. Linked items display the item's description, which cannot be edited from the counter – use the Items Editor or the above

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