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Spell Levels and Ability

The class uses a certain string to specify what level a spell is (see Class Spellcasting Information ). For example, a wizard casting a spell will use the 'Sor/Wiz' level.

The ability modifier indicated will be used to calculate the bonus spells.

Grid for this Class Level

The spell slots (1st row) and spells known (if there is a limit, 3rd row) for this class level are displayed here. If the PC has a high enough relevant ability score, then he/she will get additional Bonus Spells (2nd row). The spell slots for the PC automatically adds the specialization/domain spell slots, if the specialization box is checked. Bonus spell slots from high ability scores (or magical items) are automatically calculated in DM Genie and added to the base value.

Grid for this PC

You can manually edit the base spell slots here, although they are automatically set when you add a level. These are the base slots, so they do not include bonuses for high ability scores or magic items. The number of spells known is calculated from all the spells with the appropriate level known to a specific class.

Prestige Classes that Add Levels

Some prestige classes like Loremaster add levels to another spellcasting class. The levels are added to the total spellcasting class level in calculations for determining caster level, spell slots per day, and spells known. The extra levels do not give the PC the class features he/she would get by adding levels in the original class.

Reporting Class Added

A label above the grid tells you if any prestige class is adding levels. If no prestige classes are adding levels, the label will say:

Setting Spell Slots for Class: Wizard

If you are adding levels to a prestige class that adds levels to another class, the label will say:

Class adds 3 level(s) to existing spellcasting class: Wizard.

The spell slots/known displayed are those of the Wizard class, not the Loremaster class.

If you are adding levels to a spellcasting class which is already being increased by a prestige class, the label will say:

Class 'Loremaster' adds 3 level(s) to this class, Wizard, for a total of: 9.

(where 9 is the number of previous levels in Wiz + the levels you are adding to Wiz + the levels Loremaster is adding).

If you are adding levels to a prestige class that has not been set to adding another class (for example, you have no spellcasting classes and you are adding a Loremaster level, normally impossible), you will get this error message:

Class adds 3 level(s) to existing spellcasting class, NOT FOUND!

No spell slots will be set.

Making a Spell List

Two lists are displayed: on the left, you see all available spells. You can filter the spells by a piece of text in the description. For example, you could show only level 8 cleric spells with 'Clr 8'. Click a spell to view its description. Double-click a spell to add it to the list of known spells. You can select several spells at once by Ctrl-Clicking or Shift-Clicking. Hold Ctrl when double-clicking to keep the selection.

The list on the right is the spells the PC has selected (knows). Double-click a spell to remove it from the list of known spells.

Auto-Spell List

This command allows you to automatically give a creature all spells for several classes, up to a specified spell level for each class. Enter the class abbreviation (Brd, Clr, Drd, Pal, Sor/Wiz, Rgr) or the domain of the spell (Fire, Knowledge, etc.), a space, then the maximum level, separated by semi-colons for each class. Use Sor/Wiz instead of just Sor or Wiz - for example 'Sor/Wiz 3; Brd 2; Fire 3'. This function is particularly useful for divine casters, who usually have access to all spells up to their level limit. For arcane casters, remove spells that aren't in the character's spell list.

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