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The PC Leveling Wizard will guide you step by step in adding a class or level to a PC or NPC (the process of leveling, sometime spelled 'levelling'). You can open it by clicking the 'Level Up' button in the Classes Frame .

Using the wizard, you can add hp, ability points, set BAB and saves, spend skill points, select feats, spells, and psionic powers. Throughout the wizard, red and green labels will warn you whether or not you have completed that part of the leveling process.

When the 'Next' button is blinking, you have fulfilled all needed steps for this part of leveling. Clicking Next goes to the next tab. Click 'Prev' to go back.

In all cases, the warning labels are only warnings – you may choose a class whose prerequisites you don't meet, spend more skill points than you have, select more feats than available, add more hit points than you were supposed to. DM Genie will not stop you from doing these things, but it will warn you to prevent it from happening accidentally.

It is strongly recommended that your PC not be under any conditions before leveling. Right-click the PC and select 'Clear All Conditions'. If conditions change the ability scores, you may have incorrect skill point totals, and bonus spells.

Steps in Leveling:

Leveling – Class Selection

Leveling – HP, Abilities, BAB and Saves

Leveling – Skills

Leveling – Feats

Leveling – Features

Leveling – Spells

Leveling – Psionics

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