Class Spellcasting Information

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You can enter the following information:

-          Can Cast Spells: The class can cast spells (or manifest psionic powers).

-          Arcane/Divine: Type of spells cast.

-          Use Same Spell Levels as: When casting a spell, DM Genie searches the description for a string like “Clr 1” (for a level 1 cleric spell) or “Sor/Wiz 8”. If your class isn't listed in the Level: portion of the spell description, you must enter a class that is. For example, arcane spells usually use “Sor/Wiz”. If the class can use several spell lists, separate them with semicolons, such as "Clr; Brd; Rgr"

-          Relevant Ability: For calculating bonus spells, and, usually, spell DC.

-          Spell DC: The spell DC is calculated using the base (usually 10), plus the ability modifier (or None for no ability mod), plus the spell level if that box is checked.

-          Must Memorize: Spells need to be prepared/memorized ahead of use. Use the “Memorized XXX times” box in the Spells Frame to memorize a spell.

-          Spells Known is Limited: Like Sorcerers for example.

-          Deities, Domains: Enter any miscellaneous information about the deities, domain, specializations, etc. that pertain to the class.

Number of Levels added to Previous Spellcasting Class

This grid allows you to create prestige classes that increase the number of levels you have in a previous spellcasting class. For example, each level in Arcane Trickster adds a level to a previous class. The progression should always increase, so there are no zeroes when the class doesn't add a level. For example, a class adding a level on every other level has this progression: ' 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5'.

Important: Do NOT check "Class can cast spells" for such a class. Since this class only adds levels to another class, you cannot directly cast spells from the prestige class.

A prestige class can also add levels to a previous psionic class. When more than one class can be the object of a prestige class, the user will get a prompt. You can change this also from the Classes Frame in the main window.

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