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List of Skills

All skills are displayed in the grid. Green indicates class skills; red indicates restricted (prohibited) skills, while white entries are cross-class skills. There are six columns:

-          Name: The skill's name.

-          Abil: The relevant ability modifier.

-          Tot.: The total skill bonus for this PC. Skills that cannot be used because the PC is untrained have a total of –99.

-          Rnk: The number of ranks the PC has in this skill.

-          Max: The maximum number of ranks that can go into this skill. This depends on whether or not the skill is cross-class or class in every one of the PC's classes. If the skill is a class skill in any of the classes, than the maximum ranks are calculated from the PC's total level. If the skill is restricted in one of the classes, but cross-class in the rest, the levels from the restricted classes do not count.

-          Misc: The total of temporary and permanent misc. modifiers.

Total Skill Points Earned

This is the total of skill points earned by using the PC Leveling Wizard for all the classes and levels of the PC. If the PC has gained classes in another way, for example manually in the Classes Frame , or when importing a stat block, this value will be incorrect.

Skill Points Left

This is the number of skill points for the level(s) to be added, minus the number of skill points you have spent. If you exceed the number of SP you have earned, the number of SP left will be negative and the warning label will be red.

Spend One Skill Point

Select a skill in the grid and click the button to spend one skill point. You can also double-click the name of the skill in the grid to spend a skill point.

Buy Back One Skill Point

If you have added too many ranks to a skill, you can remove them using this button. You will be warned if you try to remove more SP than you had spent.

Forced Class Skills

This is a comma-separated list of skills which are to be considered as class-skills for all levels gained by the PC, and is the same as the list in the Notes Frame . You can also specify that a skill should be class for only ONE class by putting the abbreviation in square brackets. For example, by using "Listen, Spot [Ftr], Bluff [Rog]", the skill Listen will be class for all classes; Spot will only be class when leveling the Fighter, and Bluff will be class when leveling the Rogue.

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