Leveling - HP, Abilities, BAB and Saves

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Hit Points and Hit Die

-          Hit Die to Add: This is the number of levels you are adding.

-          # Added: How many times you have added HP using the Add HP buttons.

-          HD Size: What dice is rolled when adding a new hit die.

-          Modif: Modifier to the hit die roll. This is usually the Constitution modifier, but can be changed by Customizing Game Rules .

-          Roll: Use the HD and modifier to roll the hit points. At first level, the maximum value is used.

-          HP to Add: Use the Roll button to set this or enter it manually.

-          Add HP: Adds the number of hit points indicated to the character's total. If this is the PC's very first class, you will be asked if you wish to replace the previous HP total with the new value. This is useful if you were creating a human for example, with the standard 4 hit points, which shouldn't be added when you make that human into a PC.

Ability Points

-          Ability Points to Assign: At 4th, 8th, 12th and 20th level a PC gets extra ability points. This is the total of new ability points.

-          Reset Abils: Put the ability scores back to the original value

-          Ability Buttons: Click this to add one point to the score.

-          Ability Values: This displays the ability score. You can edit this manually, but to add one of the allowed points, use the button instead (as the button will decrement the number of ability points left to assign).

Base Attack Bonus

Adding the old BAB with the increase from adding level(s) gives the PC's new BAB. If the BAB is higher than +5, the PC will get extra attacks (this can be changed by Customizing Game Rules ). You can edit the scores manually also.

Base Saving Throws

The base saving throws do not include any of the ability modifiers. The new values for the saves are the old values plus the increase from the new level(s).

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