Customizing Game Rules

All of the game rules DM Genie uses can be customized. Open your campaign's RULES.TXT file (or use the Campaign Manager's File->Edit Rules menu). An invalid RULES.TXT version will give a warning. Each campaign must have an up-to-date version of RULES.TXT, but DM Genie will automatically copy the Core Rules' file (after a user prompt) to make it easier to update. DO NOT copy the file if you have modified RULES.TXT – your changes will be lost! (DM Genie does do a backup).

RULES.TXT holds comments to help you edit the rules to suit your needs. See that file for more information on specific game rules. Here are a few examples of the things you can change:

-          Specify what dice to roll when making attacks, ability checks etc. In theory, you could design a d30 system for example (although this would probably require modifying all the other rules in the game...)

-          Change the names and modifiers of the abilities.

-          Change the way attack/damage bonuses are calculated.

-          Decide what types of AC bonuses stack or are lost when flat-footed or in touch attacks.

-          Customize time/movement data and calculations.

-          Decide how a creature dies and stabilizes.

-          Decide how the conditions' modifiers are added.

-          Change the way creatures are sorted by play order, and the way delaying/readying affects play order.

-          You can now create your own custom action buttons. You can thus automate any common rolls you make.

-          Change the default level progression.

-          Change prices of magical/MW weapons and armor.

You may edit this file, but to avoid errors:

-          Do not add or remove any line.

-          Do not change the order of the entries.

-          Make sure that you enter the correct number for multiple entries.

Many, many additional rules are to be found in the VBScript code that provides functionality to feats, templates, and more. See Scripting for full details.

Errors in RULES.TXT might not be caught during start-up and could show up only during use (as strange or invalid results). DM Genie must be restarted for changes to have an effect.

Documentation for DM Genie and Player Genie, page Custom_Rules. Copyright © Mad Scientist Studios, 2006.
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