Class Psionics Information

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General Information

Information here is the same as that specified in the Class Spellcasting Information tab. In fact, the values are shared. Starting with version 2.09, psionics and spellcasting classes share the same structure. Checking the Class can use Psionics box automatically checks the Class can Cast Spells box for internal program reasons. You cannot make a class that can both cast spells and manifest powers.

Power Points per Level

For each level, enter the total number of power points obtained. If several psionic classes are present for a single character, each total PP are added together.

Max Power Level

In Revised Psionics, a maximum power level is specified for each level a PC acquires.

Psionic Powers Discovered

For 3.0 psionics, this works exactly like “Spells Known” in Class Spell Slots . Psionic characters are always assumed to have a limited number of known powers. Enter large numbers (like 999) if there is no limit.

For the Revised psionics, only the total number of known powers is limited – there is no limit for each power level. Enter the total number in column 0 only.

Bonus Power Points from ability score

This table is used only for the 3.0 version of psionics. For each ability score listed, and for each class level, you get this many bonus power points. The bonus PP are cumulative at each level.

The Revised Psionics instead uses a calculation based on the relevant ability modifier and the manifester level.

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