Class Spell Slots

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Spells Per Day

For each level and spell level (from 0 to 9), enter the number of spells a character of this class can cast per day. Click on the grid and enter a number.

Add “+1” after the class to signify that the character gets one extra domain/specialization spell. Add “+2”, “+3”, etc. if the character gets for than one extra spell per day. The “Append +1” and “Remove +1” buttons make it faster if you wish to add +1 to each entry.

Enter '0' if the class will only get bonus spells (if any). If the PC's ability score isn't high enough, he/she will not be able to cast spells of that level.

Spells Known

This is the maximum number of spells a character of this class and level can know. This grid is ignored if the Class Spellcasting Information states that the class doesn't have a limited number of spells.

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