Word Processor Commands

Most of the boxes of text in DM Genie use “Rich Text” (like descriptions for skills or spells, or notes in an adventure). This means that you can format text just like a mini-word processor similar to Microsoft Word (although with fewer features).

Another way to access these commands is to right click the selected text with the mouse. You can set the font size, bold, underline, italics, and color from the popup menu. You can also change the font's alignment or indentation (which you cannot do with the keyboard), or open the font editor.

Many rich text boxes also have a Font Bar, which is a small toolbar that pops up when you are editing the text. From it you can select font name, size, bold, italics, underline and color. You can hide it or show it again by clicking the arrow.

You can use the Ctrl+C key to copy, Ctrl+X to cut, and Ctrl+V to paste, just like in every other windows text editor program. When indenting a paragraph for example, use Ctrl+Tab instead of just Tab.

To change the formatting of some text, select it using the mouse or by holding shift while moving the cursor with the keyboard or the mouse. Then, press one of these hotkeys to change the format:

-          Ctrl+B: Sets the text to Bold.

-          Ctrl+U: Sets the text to Underline.

-          Ctrl+I: Sets the text to Italics

-          Ctrl+K: Sets the text color to Black.

-          Ctrl+R: Sets the text color to Red .

-          Ctrl+L: Sets the text color to bLue .

-          Ctrl+G: Sets the text color to Green .

-          Ctrl+]: Increases the size of the font by 1. Some fonts can only display specific font sizes (like 8, 10, 12), and so you might need to press more than once to see the change.

-          Ctrl+[: Decreases the size of the font by 1. Again, for some fonts you might need to press more than once to see the change.

-          Ctrl+F: Opens the font editor. There, you can set the font style, emphasis, color and size.

-          Ctrl+Tab: Adds a tab to the text (pressing just Tab will cause the cursor to move to the next text box)

You can also insert small images into the text, by copying them from an image editor program, (dragging and dropping the file creates just a link). Caution! Image files inserted into text this way are stored uncompressed, which means that large images will be both slow to load, require a lot of memory and take up a lot of space when saved to disk. Black and white images use up less memory than color. For large images, use the Adventure Map frame. See Maximums in DM Genie for more info.

You can even insert links to any windows file type, such as .MP3 files, by dragging and dropping. Double-click the icon to open the default program for that file type.

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