Printing an Adventure

(Feature not available in Player Genie)

Using this feature, you can create a .RTF file for each adventure you have entered in DM Genie. You can edit and print out the .RTF file using Microsoft Word or Microsoft WordPad (which is bundled with Windows). You can also send the .RTF file to a friend who does not have DM Genie.

To print an adventure, select it in the Campaign Manager and select "Adventure->Print Adventure" menu or right-click the adventure and select the "Print" menu.

Things to Know

-          Adventure Hyperlinks will not work in Word, but they will still be blue and underlined.

-          If the font used is too small, you can change it in the Options Dialog (Main window's File->Options menu).

-          Keep in mind that you can edit the file if there is an adventure that doesn't look the way you want.

-          If your descriptions are very long or contain some images, the RTF file generation process may take a long time or hang the computer.

-          From Word, you can try making the text into two columns, to look more like published adventure modules.

-          You can also use the Character Sheet Output to create ready-to-play PCs or to get more detailed data from an important NPC.

Quick Settings

Click one of the buttons to use one of the pre-set choices. You can change specific settings (see below) after you click it. The "Only" buttons have several uses:

-          Items Only: Use it to give a list of items a merchant has to sell.

-          Creatures only: For easy use during a game without the computer

-          Random Encounter only: Because the same table is often used for all the adventures in a module, it can be useful to keep in an appendix for example.

-          Campaign Notes only: To get a printed record of the progress of your players.

General Settings

Selecting both "New Page" and "Horizontal Line" is not recommended, as there will be a line at the top of each page. Selecting "Remove Brackets" is recommended as it improves the look of the text.

Adventure Header

It's usually not necessary if you display the description (which normally has the name of the adventure as the first line). It is useful if you're displaying a specific part of the data, for example, just the random encounter table.


Select the amount of detail to show. Note that if you choose to display all descriptions, your text will be much larger. Layout is not always perfect with some item descriptions. A couple of options allow you to give more detail for "non-standard" items – those are items that aren't part of the standard items list, and so are most likely only in that particular adventure.

Random Encounters

A table of the creatures you might meet. The table suggests a dice to roll if the total of chances (see Random Encounters ) is much lower than 100. For example, to roll a number from 1 to 60, it is suggested to roll 1d6, subtract one, multiply by ten and add 1d10 to get the total.


The one-paragraph and one-line summaries display only the name, CR and hp of the creature. You can also display the creature's stat block, either in compact form or by choosing what to display. These are the same options as in the Stat Block Frame .

When checked, the "PCs and NPCs always use the stat block format above." box will use the format defined instead of the compact stat block or one-line format for any creature with one or more class levels.


You can choose to add a hyperlink to the map image (if any). You can print the image separately, using any image-editing program such as paint. The image cannot be included directly in the .RTF file because its size would quickly get unmanageable.

You can display a list of the counters, and, optionally, their descriptions also. Note that counters for creatures and items aren't listed, since they are already included in the categories above. This leaves Traps, Locations and Specials.

Campaign Notes

Select which of the campaign notes to add to the text.

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