Standard Weapons Editor

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The standard weapons editor is a way for you to quickly add a weapon to a creature's list of attacks. Select a weapon from the list at right, or click the Create New to add a blank weapon (named New Weapon, temporarily). Click Remove to delete one of the weapons from the list.

Each weapon has data similar to what you find in the Attacks Frame of the main window: name, damage string, type, weapon's attack and magical bonuses, critical, size and range increment.

Is Natural Attack: When checked, all attacks are performed using the full Base Attack Bonus – that is, the base attack bonus for the first attack the creature has. This is normally used for creatures with several natural attacks, like a 8-headed hydra making 8 bite attacks, all at the same bonus. Set the number of natural attacks in the box next to it.

Weapon Finesse, Off Hand, Primary Hand: these are the default used when adding an attack to a creature, but can be changed afterwards.

The Damage Type is either S for slashing, P for piercing or B for bludgeoning, or a combination of the three letters. The Weapon Proficiency is what feat is needed for a character to use the weapon. Special and siege weapons are also indicated here.

In the Notes and Description you can use the Word Processor Commands .

Adding a Weapon

Click the Add This Standard Weapon to add the selected weapon to the current creature. If you wish to add a custom weapon without having to create a standard weapon (which would stay in the list), click the Add a Blank Weapon to add an empty attack named “Weapon” to the creature's list. Note that, if you wish, you can add an attack to a character without adding the related item to its inventory. See the Items Frame for instructions on adding items.

When adding a weapon to a creature, the same weapon is added in the creature's inventory. See Items Frame .

Magical or Special Weapons

Click the Make Magical or Change Size button to make a magical version of this weapon. This will open the Magical Weapon Maker, with which you can give magical bonuses, change the size of a regular weapon, give the masterwork bonus, and/or change the weapon's material. Prices and properties are calculated automatically, thanks to Item Scripting.


To import or export weapons, see the Importing Other Files and the Exporting Other Files help topics.

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