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This frame display information about the armor and shield the character is currently using, as well as a list of the items in his possession. To edit details of an item, use the Items Editor .

Armor and Shield

The two textboxes show the current armor and shield that the creature is using. To equip a shield or armor, select it in the dropdown box at right and click "Add". Make sure the armor you wish to use is equipped (right-click and check the "Equipped" menu). Equipped items are in bold.

Normally, you should equip a maximum of one armor and one shield. If multiple armors are equipped, the best bonuses of each type will be used, and the worst penalties also – this can cause problems. For example, a "Full Plate" and "Studded Leather +3" will use the regular Full Plate bonus AND the +3 magical bonus, resulting in an excessive bonus.

To make a magic armor or shield with abilities, or to buy armor in different sizes (e.g. a Small suit of armor for a Small PC), click the Create button.

If the currently selected weapon is two-handed or if you are wielding two weapons (Hand Used is set as 'Off-Hand' or 'Primary Hand w/ 2 weapons') then you can choose to ignore the current shield's stats. This basically means that whenever a PC starts fighting with weapons in both hands, he puts away his shield and so loses the shield bonus to AC. To activate this select the option in File->Options.


pp, gp, sp, cp: Number of platinum pieces, gold pieces, silver pieces and copper pieces, respectively.

Total (gp): Total amount of coins, in gold piece equivalent.

Coin Wt: The weight of all the coins (50 coins/pound).

Valuables: Note valuable items such as gems, art, land, objects not carried with the character, etc.

Items List

This is the list of all items owned or carried by the creature. The margin on the left holds the buttons to expand or collapse containers. The first column is the name, the second is the weight in pounds including all contents (wt), and the third is the price in gold pieces (gp). The weight and price can be fractional. For example, if an object costs 1 silver piece, enter 0.1 in the “gp” column. You can also click on the last line of the grid (which is blank) to create an item from scratch. If you are running DM Genie at a resolution greater than 800x600, you can also see a fourth column, “#”. This column gives either the number of items (for example 20 arrows), or the number of charges left for a magical item (if the item can hold charges, for example a wand or a staff). You can also edit this from the Items Editor .

Right-click on the item to show the Items Pop-up Menu and change the item's type (magical or psionic). The list can have different colors depending on the type of item and whether or not the PCs have identified it. You can change these colors in the Options Dialog .

Below the list of items is the total weight and value of all the items in the list. Multiple items' weights and prices are multiplied – for example 20 arrows at 1 cp and 0.01 lb each are worth 2 sp and weigh 0.2 lbs. Total Weight also includes weight from coins (50 coins/pound).

Add/Buy Buttons

Select an item from the list at left. Clicking this button adds that item to the current creature's inventory. You can also click on the last line of the grid (which is blank) to create an item from scratch. Note: some magic items come in several versions with different abilities and prices, which are described in the item's description. The default price indicated for these items is 0 – so you must set the real price manually so that it corresponds with the correct version. You can also add items from the Adventure Items tab or from the Items Editor .

The Add button will get the item for free, while the Buy button will subtract the correct amount of money from the total. Note that the buy button won't make change for you – if you buy a 1 cp item but have only silver pieces, you will end up with –1 cp.

Dragging and Dropping

Dragging and dropping is an easy way to move items around in DM Genie. Click the mouse on an item and hold down the button while you move it. Releasing the button will move the item, depending on what is under the cursor:

-          Dropping in a container: will put the item inside that container. For example, if you drag a Dagger on a Backpack, the dagger will go inside the backpack. Note that when you drag/drop a container, you automatically move it's contents as well.

-          Dropping next to another object: If you drop on an object that's not a container you will simply place your dragged object next to it in the list.

-          Dropping on a character in the Creature List: will move the item to that other character.

-          Dropping in the Items list of the Campaign Manager: will move the item to that adventure.

-          Dropping in the Items list of the Random Treasure window: will add that item to the treasure list.

See also the Items Pop-up Menu .

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