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The combat log holds the text of every event that has happened during this encounter. Each time a creature does something (for example if you double-click a skill to make a skill roll) the result is displayed in the combat log. You can also edit this text manually using Word Processor Commands .

By default the combat log is saved automatically to a file (c:\YourCampaign\Log\LastLog.rtf) when closing DM Genie. Go to the Options Dialog (File->Options menu) to also load the last log automatically at startup; and you can also choose to save a copy of the log with the current date as the name (for example 031023.rtf is saved on October 23rd). That way you can keep a running diary of what happened on previous game sessions. Outside of DM Genie you can edit the log files using Wordpad or Microsoft Word.

When the turn of a creature starts

After a delimiter line, the creatures' name is written in bold, and the conditions or spells that the creature is under are written afterwards. In parentheses is written the number of rounds left for that condition or spell. If the condition has no expiration set, then nothing is written in parentheses. Long expiration times are written in hours, minutes and rounds. For example:


Aragorn: Bless (3), Haste (2), Sitting/Kneeling, Barkskin (3h56m2)

When a creature makes an attack

The format of an attack report is thus:

Name of creature (Weapon) hits (Rolled+Bonus) AC 10, for 6 HP of [nonlethal] damage.

(Rolled+Bonus): This reports what the creature actually rolled on the d20, as rolled by the computer. This is shown if it is set in the Options Dialog (File menu -> Options).

For example, Bilbo has an attack bonus of +4 for a short sword. He rolls a 19 on the d20, giving him a total roll of 19+4 = 23. He can hit any creature with an AC of 23 or less. He rolls damage (1d6+1) and gets a total of 4. Since he rolled 19 and a short sword is a critical threat on 19-20/x2, he rolls a second attack roll (for a total of 12), and the additional damage if the critical is successful (if the opponent has AC 12 or less). He rolls a 6 for additional damage, giving him 10 HP of total damage on a successful critical. This is what is reported in the combat log:

Bilbo (Short Sword) hits (19+4) AC 23 for 4 HP of damage

----> Critical threat to (8+4) AC 12, total damage 10 HP

If Bilbo had rolled a natural 20 or a natural 1, that is indicated. The total attack roll is still displayed. He still makes a critical threat, and makes an attack and damage roll for that. This is what would be reported:

Bilbo (Short Sword) Natural 20 (20+4) (AC 24) for 2 HP of damage

----> Critical threat to (12+4) AC 16, total damage 7 HP

You can then use the enter damage function or the auto-damage function to apply the damage to another creature in the list (both are available in the Creature List Popup Menu ). See the Attacks Frame for more information on attacks.

When a creature uses a skill

The combat log reports the name of the creature, the name of the skill, the value rolled on the d20, the bonus to the roll, and the total roll. For example:

Bilbo uses skill Concentration. Rolls 5+3 = 8

When a creature makes an ability check

You can make an ability check by double-clicking the ability's label (Str, Dex, etc.). The combat log reports the name of the creature, the ability and the total roll. In parentheses is written, in this order: the value of the roll, the bonus from the ability, and the sum of ability bonuses from spells or conditions. For example, if Bilbo has 18 of Dexterity, and is under the effect of a Doom spell (-2 to ability checks), and he rolls 9 on the d20, the combat log reports:

Bilbo makes a Dex check: 11 (9+4-2)

When a condition expires

If a condition affecting a creature has expired (for example, a spell duration is over), then the combat log can report it if that option is selected (File menu -> Options -> Reporting tab). For example:

Bilbo is no longer Slowed.

See the Conditions Frame for more information on setting conditions.

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