Creature List Popup Menu

Right-Click on a creature on the list to pop up this menu. The commands apply to the clicked creature only.

-          'Name' Current: Make that creature the current creature. Same as left-clicking.

-          Auto-Damage: Applies the damage dealt from the last time you clicked an attack button – if the AC of the target is low enough. For example, an orc makes an attack that says that it hits AC 20 for 3 hp of damage. If you use Auto-Damage on Markus who has AC 19, he will lose 3 hp. But if you do it on Bilbo who has AC 23, he will not be harmed.

-          Enter Damage or Healing: Opens a window where you can enter the amount of hp to add/remove to a PC. Click "Apply Damage" to remove, and "Apply Healing" to add hit points.

-          Stabilize: Stops the hp loss that a dying character suffers.

-          Clear All Conditions: (except permanent magical item effects).

-          Remove from group: Removes the creature but it isn't deleted (it remains in 'All Creatures')

-          Delete Creature: Permanent deletion from all groups.

-          Copy: Makes an identical copy of the creature in the same group.

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