Skills and Misc. Information

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The first boxes are miscellaneous information about the race. See the MM. The languages box is not a part of the standard MM stat block but has been extracted from the description for your convenience.


Each skill must spelled correctly, then followed by the total skill bonus. When generating a creature, the skill ranks will be calculated automatically. You do not need to include skills with 0 ranks – their bonuses are calculated automatically. Put the specialization of the skill in parentheses. If unknown, the computer will select Skill (Other). For a PC race, it is best to keep this empty to avoid giving ranks at 0 level.

You can also indicate misc. bonuses to skills, for example an elf's racial bonus to Spot. Follow the total bonus with a pipe character (|) and the racial bonus. For example, Spot +3|+2 will give 1 rank (for an ability modifier of 0) and a misc. bonus of 2.

Known Psionic Powers

This is a comma-separated list of psionic powers or combat modes that the race knows. These will be added to the creature's list automatically upon creation.

Known Spells or Spell-Like Abilities

This is a comma-separated list of spells that the race knows. These will be added to the creature's list automatically upon creation. Spell-like abilities that can be used at will are set as being memorized 0 times, while abilities limited to a certain number per day are set to that number. List the “At will” abilities first. The syntax is:

“At will- spell1, spell2; 3/day- spell3, spell4, etc.”

You can thus keep track of how often the monster can use that ability during an encounter (as long as the encounter lasts less than a day).

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