Race Attacks Frame

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The attacks frame for a race works in nearly the same way as the attack frame for a creature. Refer to Attacks Frame from the main window for information on each control.

Attack/Damage Strings

These are the attack and damage strings as displayed in the MM. The “Generate Attacks from Strings” button automatically generates the attacks. There are a few rules to obey though:

-          Each attack should be separated by a comma or semi-colon. Do not use commas in the name of the attack.

-          For multiple attacks at the same BAB, start with the number of attacks (2 claws +12).

-          For magical weapons, put a +. (+3 greatsword).

-          After the name of the attack, use “+6/+1” to give the total attack bonuses.

-          Put one item in the damage string for each item in the attack string, and in the same order.

-          If an attack deals no damage put a special effect, put 0 and ..., e.g. “tentacles 0 and poison)", instead of just "tentacles poison" (which will make the program think the name of the attack is "tentacles poison").


This is the list of feats the race has. When creating the monster or PC, those feats will be automatically selected. Be sure to spell them correctly or the computer will not recognize them. You may also add class/special abilities here, since they work pretty much like feats.

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