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Psionic Powers Known

The grid displays the number of psionic powers that a PC has:

-          For This Class: What a PC of this class level gets. Sometimes includes a "+1", which means that the PC gets an extra spell from its specialization (if the specialization box is checked).

-          All Classes Combined: The sum of the psionic powers the PC should have discovered from all classes, including this one.

-          PC Knows: Number of powers of each level that the PC knows. For Revised psionics, only the total number known (independent of level) counts.

-          Left to Learn: Number of powers the PC has left to discover. This is in red when the PC exceeds his number of allowed powers.

Psionic Power Points

-          Previous PP Total: The number of PP the PC had before leveling.

-          Increase from Level(s): How many PP obtained from gaining the levels in this class.

-          Racial Bonus Power Points: Some races can give bonus PP on first and additional levels in a class.

-          Bonus PP: For 3.0 Psionics, bonus PP are added every 2nd level if the PC has a sufficient ability score in the relevant ability. For Revised psionics, Bonus PP are re-calculated on the fly.

-          New PP Total: This is automatically set to the correct value, but you may edit it manually.

Discovering Powers

Two lists are displayed: on the left, you see all available powers. You can filter the powers by a piece of text in the description. For example, you could show only level 8 powers with 'Psion/Wilder 8'. Click a power to view its description. Double-click a power to add it to the list of known powers.

The list on the right holds the powers the PC has discovered (knows). Double-click a power to remove it from the list of known powers.

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