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List of Feats

This is the list of all feats (but no special/class abilities). Green means the feat is available as a bonus feat for this class, while bold feats have already been selected by the character. Click the grid to view the feat's description.

Feat Prerequisites

DM Genie reads the description of the feat to determine what are the prerequisites for taking the feat. If a prerequisite is not understood, (for example, 'Ability to fly'), it will be displayed as Unknown prereq: and you should manually determine if the PC satisfies the requirement.

Prerequisites that are understood are of type: Str 13+, Spellcaster level 5, Base Attack Bonus +3 or better, FeatName, Weapon Focus (longsword), Fighter level 8th, Character Level 10, Ride 1 rank.

Choosing a Feat

Usually, you can choose a feat by clicking the'Choose as Regular Feat' button. Some classes give you bonus feats (in green), use the 'Choose as Bonus Feat' button on them.

You can also double-click the grid to choose the feat. If a feat could be either regular or bonus, you will be asked to choose.

Some feats, like Weapon Focus, will require you to choose on what weapon/spell the feat applies.

Use the 'Unselect Feat' button to undo your selection. You will be asked to confirm if you attempt to unselect a feat which you hadn't selected using the wizard.

Total Feats Earned

This is from all the levels in all the classes the PC has.

Total Feats Chosen

This is the total of all the feats chosen using the wizard. If the PC has gained classes in another way, for example manually in the Classes Frame , or when importing a stat block, this value will be incorrect.

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