Leveling - Class Selection

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-          Select a Class: Click on a class in the list to select what class to add to your PC.

-          Alignment: Enter your PC's alignment here if you have not set it already. Use the abbreviations (Lawful Good = LG, Neutral = N, etc.)

-          Are the class's requirements met? This box indicates if any of the requirements for the class aren't met. Prestige classes often have several requirements. 'Special' requirements usually aren't related to game stats, so you must determine if they are met before adding a level. Click 'Refresh' to check the requirements again without having to re-click the list of classes.

-          XP: The amount of XP needed to add the selected number of levels is displayed. You can change the amount of XP the PC has. This number includes the race's equivalent level, if any. See PC Races .

-          Add One Level in this Class: You can add levels to a PC one at a time, or several all at once. If you add more than one level, you'll have more feats/skill points/etc. to spend. The totals are automatically calculated

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