Can DM Genie work with Game System X?

If the game system you are trying to use is based on 20-sided die, the answer is probably yes. The more your gaming system shares with the core rules, the easier it will be to adapt. For example, if the system consists of different races, classes, skills and feats, you can simply enter the new data and use DM Genie as is.

If your gaming system has additional properties, a different way of leveling, etc. you can apply the changes manually when possible (for example in the PC Leveling Wizard ). You can also use Scripting in feats and classes to extend the possibilities of DM Genie.

If your system is not compatible with the 20-sided die system, DM Genie is probably not compatible with it. Depending on how many differences there are between the gaming systems, you may be able to use most, some, or none of the capability of DM Genie.

DM Genie will not be extended in future versions to handle systems far removed from the 20-sided die system. The first reason is legal: that most gaming systems are copyrighted and NOT licensed for use by third parties (i.e. they are not under the Open Game License). The second reason has to do with the large technical difficulty in changing such a complex program: it is not possible to have a single program handle completely different gaming systems.

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