Class General Information

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Name and Abbreviation

The abbreviation of your class should be unique. 3-letter abbreviations are best, but not always possible.


Choose between PC Class, Prestige Class, NPC Class and Creature Advancement. There is no functional difference (in the program) between a PC, NPC or prestige class; but a Creature Advancement class works slightly differently – it is used to add hit die to a monster. The difference is that the total number of hit die is used to determine progression in the base attack, saves, etc., rather than the number of hit die gained. Also, a monster advancing in HD can gain one or more size categories – changing ability scores and increasing natural attack's damage.

Max Level

This is the maximum level that can be attained in this class. Data such as BAB, Saves and spell slots will only be entered from level 1 to the max level. This cannot be higher than 80.

Hit Die

This is the number of hit points gained at each level. You can use a format like “1d8” or even “2d6+3”.


Enter any notes about the class and its features. You can edit this text using the Word Processor Commands .

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