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Adventure Example Adventure Level 3-5
Download This sample adventure is included with DM Genie and shows how to write your own adventures. Appropriate for four characters, levels 3 to 4. Campaign All 
Size: 40 kb Hits 3284 
Date: 06.06.03    
Adventure The Quick and the Dead Level 3
Download The tiny town of Kenby has been the victim of grisly attacks, and it is up to the PCs to find the cause and uncover the mystery hidden behind the violence. Contains 3 maps. An adventure suitable for four level 3 characters. Campaign All 
Size: 547 kb Hits 3293 
Date: 25.06.03    
Adventure The Wizard's Amulet Revised Level 1
Download This is the free adventure from Necromancer Games. I have included the Custom Creatures Leucrottas as well the Character Corian. The Wizard's Amulet as a free download from Necromancer Games and RPGNow! has the revised version. There are pre-gen characters available for this adventure available at Necromancer Games' website Campaign All 
Size: 467 kb Hits 3279 
Date: 08.08.03    
Adventure Into the Thieve's Guild Level 8-9
Download Corfin has been the lieutenant of the Thieves' Guild for nearly 15 years and he is sick of it. He wishes to be the head of the guild. But for some reason, all of his men are deathly afraid of the current head, one Lalsthor Longcloak. He has had no success paying anyone to assassinate Longcloak; indeed Corfin himself feels an irrational fear when he is in the mysterious presence of his leader. Ther... Campaign All 
Size: 1137 kb Hits 3281 
Date: 18.08.03    
Adventure An Icy Grave Level 1-2
Download A small monastery in the mountains has fallen prey ill luck and foul weather. Icy storms and the vengeful spirit of the former abbot has done for the monks and left their secluded monastery a frozen graveyard. Written by: Mads Hvelplund Campaign All 
Size: 120 kb Hits 3311 
Date: 22.08.03    
Adventure The Ties that Bind Level 3-4
Download It is up to the heroes to allow help a fallen paladin be redeemed to his god before he dies. But in doing so they will uncover some hidden secrets... the bonds of blood can outlast even death. Campaign All 
Size: 812 kb Hits 3299 
Date: 19.10.03    
Adventure The Troll Pits of Hextor Level 12-14
Download End the Menace of the Evil Ogre-Mage. It will be most helpful if the party has a cleric and a mage; if they don't they could be in trouble. The adventure is set in the world of Farland (see, but it could easily be adapted to fit in any campaign Campaign All 
Size: 3367 kb Hits 3294 
Date: 11.02.04    
Adventure Strange Shelter Level 4-6
Download In the face of a terrible storm, the heroes would do well to take any shelter they can get... or would they? Campaign All 
Size: 286 kb Hits 3302 
Date: 16.02.04    
Adventure Adventurer Summoning Level 10-12
Download When the PCs are all together, resting from their last escapade, they suddenly feel a strange sensation. There is a blinding flash, vertigo strikes them, and when they regain their senses they find themselves in a strange scene: outside a ruined castle on an alien world. The heroes have become summoned pawns in a mad wizard's game of world conquest! Campaign All 
Size: 485 kb Hits 3306 
Date: 16.02.04    
Adventure Wyvern Attack! Level 6-8
Download While passing through the village of Titan, the heroes are hired by a sheriff to fend off some Wyvern attacks, and he suspects a villager is masterminding the attacks. The PC's must uncover who is actually behind the attacks. Campaign All 
Size: 1087 kb Hits 3387 
Date: 16.02.04    
Adventure Hold of the Lich Lord Level 15-16
Download From the Farland campaign: Jaef the Dark used to be the power behind the ancient throne of Kale many centuries ago. He was slain, but lived on in his phylactery until he was able centuries later find a new body and rise again, taking on the anagramatic name of Afej the Black. He then used his vast intelligence to seize control of one of the towns of Kelerak and raise an orcish army to seize cont... Campaign All 
Size: 1358 kb Hits 3391 
Date: 06.08.04    
Adventure Divine Favor/ Righteous Might Level All
Download These are the officially altered (nerfed) versions of Divine Favor and Righteous Might. See this link: Campaign All 
Size: 1 kb Hits 3292 
Date: 25.09.04    
Adventure Dreams are better than reality Level 1-2
Download A free D&D adventure for three to four 1st-level characters or two to three 2nd-level characters By Hal Greenberg Adjusted to DmGenie and 3.5 rules by Edgar Vorland Campaign All 
Size: 232 kb Hits 3310 
Date: 09.02.05    
Adventure Bounty Hunters Level 2-4
Download A free module for 4 characters, levels 2-4. Written by Jim Gillispie, Module Workshop Prepared for DmGenie and D&D 3.5 rules by Edgar Vorland A mischievous halfling thief has gotten himself into BIG trouble! He has stolen a valuable gem from a powerful noble, who has put bounty hunters on his trail. Now his only way out is to get help from a group of adventurers. Campaign All 
Size: 247 kb Hits 3304 
Date: 09.02.05    
Adventure Haunted Dwarven Tomb Level 10-12
Download This is an adventure set in the World of Farland. The heroes must venture into an ancient dwarven tomb to put to rest a foul curse and an even fouler occupant. Campaign All 
Size: 345 kb Hits 3290 
Date: 17.04.05    
Adventure Character Sheet with FF and Touch AC Level All
Download Touch and flat footed AC's are added to the 2.14.290 default character sheet. Right click on the link and choose 'save target as' to save the file locally. Dorpond Campaign All 
Size: 36 kb Hits 3281 
Date: 27.04.05    
Adventure The crimson blades Level 4-6
Download From the WotC site "The Crimson Blades is a roleplaying mini-adventure that can be played entirely with D&D Miniatures from the Aberrations set. It's intended for four 5th-level player characters in an ongoing D&D campaign but could also be played as a stand-alone fight with either the full D&D rules or the streamlined, tabletop skirmish combat rules." Campaign All 
Size: 191 kb Hits 3296 
Date: 24.08.05    

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