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Information for Publishers

This section is addressed to publishers and authors of any material using the Open Gaming License, including books, flyers, magazines and e-zines, electronic format documents, web sites and web pages.

At DM Genie, we are very concerned with intellectual property. Persons who upload files must read and understand an agreement barring them from uploading non-open game content. Unfortunately, compliance is not guaranteed. As such, we regularly review uploaded files and remove those that are in violation of copyrights, to the extent of our knowledge.

If you see a file on this website that contains, in part or in whole, some copyrighted content that you have produced and have not distributed under the terms of Wizards of the Coast (TM)'s Open Game License (or any other license that allows for free redistribution of the material) please advise us immediately at

Any files that violate copyright will either be removed immediately or edited as to remove all non-open game content, your choice. The personal information we have on the individual who uploaded the file will be given to you at your request.

If you have special concerns, or wish to send us list of product names or product lines that are not open-game content so that we may remove offending files faster, please e-mail us at

Submitting your material

A great way to increase sales of your products is by providing users with DM Genie files! For example, if a DM Genie user is interested in your new campaign world, he or she will naturally want to be able to use DM Genie with it - it's faster, easier, and just plain more fun. If you provide your customers with a ready-to-import Campaign file, they will have an added incentive to purchase your campaign world's books. Not only that, but since playing it is so easy with DM Genie, they'll come back again and again to purchase extra adventure modules, rules supplements, or anything else you may be publishing.

You can enter your campaign world using DM Genie's built-in tools for customization. If you have a large amount of data to enter, we can perform the conversion for you by programming a special routine. For this, we would need a text file with a specific format that could be converted. Plain text files are best, HTML codes could also be converted. PDF files cannot be directly converted. Contact us at to discuss it in more detail.

You have complete freedom with the DM Genie files created from your products. They can be distributed on our website, or you can distribute them yourself. You can charge money for the files, or include them on a CD with your printed products. A link to the DM Genie website (preferably) or a copy of the latest shareware version of DM Genie is a useful addition in these cases. Please notify us if you plan on including a shareware version on your CD.

We are open to the possibility of writing a copy-protection function into DM Genie that would prevent DM Genie files from being read without a serial code. After having purchased the code from you, the publisher, the file could only be read for that user. This would help curtail any illegal copying of the file through file-sharing programs for example. If you are interested in such a system, contact us at the e-mail address previously indicated.