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20-sided dice

What is DM Genie?

Latest release (Mar 26th): DM Genie 2.26.

DM Genie is a computer program for players and game masters running the Third Edition or the new Revision 3.5 of the world's most popular tabletop role playing game. DM Genie can also be customized to any game system that is based on 20-sided dice. DM Genie takes care of the math and rules so you can focus on the game! Using DM Genie, you can create adventures, manage your characters and monsters, and keep track of anything that happens to them. Try it free today!

If you're not a DM, you will love Player Genie, a lighter version of DM Genie designed for players of 3rd edition RPGs. The PC Leveling Wizard will guide you in creating your character. During the game, use it to keep track of your inventory, add feats or spells and get their description at the click of a mouse. If one of your ability score changes, all your characteristics are recalculated instantly - skill bonuses, attack bonuses, armor class.

DM Genie will change the way you run your games - for the better! Faster, easier, and just plain more fun! But DM Genie is NOT a role playing game by itself - to enjoy it fully, you will still need your Player's Handbook, DMG and MM.

To learn more, please visit one of the following sections:
A quick glance at why you need DM Genie.
Player Genie
Check out Player Genie, the version of DM Genie for players!
A list of the features available in the current version.
Screenshots from within the program.
Download it Free to Try!
Try out DM Genie or Player Genie with the fully-functional evaluation version!

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